Prosecutors In Black Robes

Judges have a very important role in the criminal justice system, and to fulfill that role they must remain impartial. When judges step outside of the veil of impartiality and put on the hat of a prosecutor, the criminal justice system–as it was meant to be here in America–fails. In such instances, criminal defense attorneys are the last remaining hope for a fair and just trial. It is our job to preserve these issues for appeal, so that maybe an appellate court will do as the Michigan Supreme Court did here. It is important to note however, that two of the three justices at the lower appellate court level saw absolutely nothing wrong with the trial judge’s behavior. In effect, these justices had become prosecutors as well.

I am proud to be a criminal defense attorney, to provide that last line of defense for the citizen accused. When we protect the citizen accused, we protect every single citizen. For how far is the line between one and all?

Justices Slap Prosecutorial Judge

Kristin R. Brown
Trial and Appellate Attorney
State, Federal, Habeas