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Criminal Appeals

The Law Office of Kristin R. Brown, PLLC, is a criminal defense law firm located in Dallas, TX. The firm serves clients in the Northern Texas area, including the following counties: Dallas, Denton, Collin, Grayson, and Tarrant. Attorney Kristin Brown is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has successfully handled a wide variety of criminal appeals in Texas.

Criminal Defense

The prosecution often has an extensive array of support staff, resources and deep pocketbooks which gives them a huge advantage over ordinary citizens whose resources are limited. Fortunately Attorney Kristin Brown levels the playing field so that you have excellent legal representation from experienced attorneys. When you work with us, we treat you with the respect and dignity which you deserve. You're a fellow human being who has rights which need to be upheld.

Federal Criminal Appeals and Habeas Writs

The Law Office of Kristin R. Brown, PLLC, is law firm located in Dallas, TX, practicing exclusively in the area of criminal defense law. The firm serves clients in Northern Texas, including Dallas, Collin, Grayson, Denton, and Tarrant counties. Attorney Kristin Brown devotes her practice to defending clients who have been charged with or convicted of state or federal crimes.

Federal Criminal Defense

If you've been accused of a federal crime, you need an experienced team of attorneys on your side immediately. The stakes are high and conviction could include hefty fines, incarceration or possibly the death penalty Our attorneys practice Federal defense law as one of their main practice areas, which means we are very familiar with Federal law and have plenty of experience to draw from. It's essential that you secure the services of a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney upon being charged with a crime.

Juvenile Law

Has your child or grandchild been investigated, accused of or charged with a criminal offense? If so, finding an experienced and reputable Dallas Juvenile law lawyer should be high on your list of priorities. Attorney Kristin Brown understands the delicate nature of juvenile cases and aims to guide both the parents and child through the case so that they can make informed decisions about the defense.