Federal Criminal Defense

If you’ve been accused of a federal crime, you need an experienced team of attorneys on your side immediately. The stakes are high and conviction could include hefty fines, incarceration or possibly the death penalty Our attorneys practice Federal Defense law as one of their main practice areas, which means we are very familiar with Federal law and have plenty of experience to draw from. It’s essential that you secure the services of a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney immediately upon being charged with a crime.

We can help you if your case involves:

  • Drug-related crimes
  • Computer crimes
  • White collar crimes
  • Violent crimes
  • Extortion
  • Fraud
  • Kidnapping
  • Arson
  • Homicide
  • Immigration violation
  • Human trafficking
  • Tax fraud
  • Illegal gun sales
  • Child pornography
  • Health care fraud

How A Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You

It would be unethical for us to promise that we’ll get you an acquittal; what we do promise is that we will fiercely advocate for your rights so that your case can have a favorable outcome. Hiring The Law Office of Kristin R. Brown as your criminal defense lawyer helps even the playing field between you and the prosecuting attorneys. Without a skilled attorney, you won’t have the resources which they have, and you’ll likely end up signing plea bargains that give up your rights. We aren’t intimidated by the persecution and will investigate your case thoroughly to arrange for witnesses and experts to give testimony. Once we secure a reasonable offer, we write motions, preform research, and forensics to build your defense case. We look closely at the evidence, search for mitigating circumstances and seek ways to throw out testimony and suppress evidence. At The Law Office of Kristin R. Brown, PLLC our team has the skills and experience to carry out your case.

Work With The Law Office of Kristin R. Brown, PLLC

Attorney Kristin Brown is a Federal criminal defense attorney serving the Eastern and Northern Districts of Texas. A strong and passionate advocate for the rights of her fellow citizens, Attorney Brown is honored to defend individuals who are accused of federal crimes in Texas. She takes all of her cases very seriously and provides you with a skilled and vigorous legal defense. If you’ve been charged with, or are under investigation for, a Federal crime, contact us today for an initial consultation and we’ll tell you how we can serve you!