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How accurate is eyewitness testimony?

These days, there are few forms of evidence that are as convincing as eyewitness testimony, which may lead you to believe that eyewitness accounts are frequently accurate. Science suggests otherwise, however, which is unfortunate given just how much stock judges and juries typically place on eyewitness accounts.

According to the Association for Psychological Science, eyewitness testimony is actually far less accurate than most people assume, but many people wind up receiving convictions for their criminal charges based on eyewitness testimony nonetheless. Part of the problem may have to do with a prevailing presumption that personal memories are similar to the recordings on a video camera, which is not accurate.

Federal criminal defense for animal cruelty charges

President Trump recently signed a bill that will now make animal cruelty a federal offense. The official name of the bill is the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act, and it will significantly increase the penalties associated with various types of animal abuse and cruelty. As a result, individuals in Texas facing these types of charges would be wise to take their case seriously and secure federal criminal defense help as soon as possible.

Under this new law, it is now a federal criminal offense to treat animals in certain ways, including burning, crushing, drowning and impaling animals. As a federal crime, officials can now pursue alleged offenders across state lines, and the law also prohibits the recording of animal cruelty. In the past, the making and distribution of these videos was a crime, but the actual recorded acts were not. 

Trafficking charges means need for drug crimes defense

An East Texas man was recently convicted of criminal charges related to trafficking drugs, something that will likely result in years behind bars and other grave penalties. At this point, he has not yet been formally sentenced, but his prison sentence could range from 10 years to life. He and his drug crimes defense team are likely considering his legal options, both with regard to sentencing and other avenues for relief, including an appeal. 

A jury found the man guilty of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. He was also convicted of intent to distribute meth and crack cocaine. He was indicted along with several others, and his verdict came after a two-day trial. The defendant was arrested for selling drugs to an informant in 2017, and he was arrested again in 2018 for possession of meth and crack with intent to distribute.

Drug crimes defense on tap for 5 Texas defendants

Five people in Texas are facing serious criminal charges after being arrested for various alleged drug-related offenses. The arrests came after an anonymous tip was called into law enforcement about suspicious activity at a Parker County residence. The Parker County Special Crimes Unit went to the home where they say they found evidence connected to the trafficking and distribution of methamphetamine. At this point, five people are facing charges and are likely each focused on preparing a drug crimes defense.

At the time law enforcement was looking at the residence, they observed vehicles outside of the home and occupants inside the home. The police later pulled over one women they believed was connected with the investigation. During the course of her traffic stop, police supposedly found meth and drug paraphernalia in her vehicle, leading to an arrest. 

After arrest, Texas man will benefit from drug crimes defense

After law enforcement in Harrison County executed a search warrant, one man was arrested and specific things were seized and taken from his home. Police secured the search warrant after an investigation into this man's activities supposedly pointed to potential criminal activity. As there were a few different types of drugs in his home at the time of his arrest, this Texas man will benefit from working on his drug crimes defense.

When police entered his home, they found ecstasy, prescription pills and crack cocaine. They also found a handgun and several items they believe were stolen, including a shotgun, lawnmowers, trailer, lawn maintenance equipment, chainsaw and more. They also seized around $5,000 from his home as well. It is not clear how law enforcement determined which items in the house were allegedly stolen property and assets. 

What to know about federal habeas corpus proceedings

Unless you have been there, it is almost impossible to understand just how devastating it can be to watch a family member, romantic partner or other loved one have to spend time behind bars. If the person you love also spends time in jail after experiencing unfair or unjust treatment in the courtroom, watching him or her remain incarcerated may prove even more difficult.

If, however, your loved one remains behind bars because someone infringed on his or her rights at some point during the criminal case, he or she may be able to challenge the resulting incarceration and attempt to seek relief. To do so, you may be able to ask a federal court to review the details surrounding your loved one’s detention to determine if the imprisonment is, in fact, valid.

Federal criminal defense: Texas defendants face life in prison

An indictment from a federal grand jury has two Texas residents facing potentially serious jail time. The charges are against a former deputy constable as well as her husband, both of whom are accused of committing drug crimes and laundering money related to those activities. Since these are not state charges, both individuals should be aware that federal criminal defense often requires a different approach.

The 56-year-old woman was previously employed as a deputy constable, although it is not clear if she lost her position after being arrested or if she had stopped working in law enforcement before this incident. She and her 59-year-old husband were arrested in late Sept. 2019. Both are facing charges for conspiring to possess heroin with intent to distribute. Four counts for attempting to launder proceeds from that alleged activity were also filed.

Texas woman would benefit from strong drug crimes defense

A Texas woman is currently behind bars after a lengthy investigation allegedly found that she was involved with drug trafficking. She was taken into custody after police executed a search warrant of her home, and now she is facing charges that include delivery of a controlled substance. This is a felony offense, and she will benefit from developing a strong drug crimes defense strategy as soon as possible.

The investigation into the woman's supposed activities started when neighbors reported suspicious behavior to the police. Upon execution of the warrant, police found several incriminating things in her home, including crack cocaine, items often used in the distribution of drugs and $700 in cash. She has the right to challenge any part of the investigation and the evidence against her, including the assumptions made about items found in her home.

El Paso students facing juvenile law charges

A number of students from around the El Paso area are facing criminal charges related to vaping THC, which has raised alarm among school district leaders. Possession of marijuana in Texas can result in serious criminal charges, as can possessing any amount of THC concentrates. This has resulted in several young people from the area facing serious juvenile law charges for vaping this illegal substance.

Vaping has become a popular activity for students. While vaping in itself is not illegal, vaping THC is, and many students are likely unaware of the grave legal consequences of this activity. In fact, many school officials say that a majority of the kids facing charges for this reason are good kids, many of whom have never been in trouble before. 

Advantages of drug court

An arrest on a drug charge may lead to a personal upheaval. Whether this is your first arrest on any charge or not, facing legal repercussions can overwhelm anyone.

One option Texas courts may offer is drug court. This alternative allows the prison system to keep its population lower by allowing certain offenders the opportunity to complete a drug education and rehabilitation program. Your offense must meet specific guidelines, and you must complete the program to stay out of jail. Consider some of the advantages of this court-endorsed program.

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