Criminal charges related to marijuana possession can lead to serious penalties under Texas state law. Recently, however, some lawmakers in the state House of Representatives are considering bills that could lessen some of the penalties associated with these offenses. It is not clear whether this proposal will pass in the Senate, and people facing marijuana charges would be wise to still pursue developing a strong defense strategy regarding any formal accusations of drug crimes.

Many people believe that Texas laws are too harsh against those who possess small amounts of marijuana. Certain groups who have been seeking reform of the state’s drug laws believe that criminalizing marijuana possession is not a positive solution, leading to overcrowding in jails and other issues. There are lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle who support revisiting the state’s drug laws.

One bill presented for consideration suggests reducing penalties for most cannabis-related criminal offenses. At this time, the bills that pertain to cannabis laws are still under consideration, and there is no guarantee that they will ever come into effect. However, many view the number of hemp and cannabis-related bills under consideration as a sign that state will see more common sense drug laws, fewer people prosecuted for low-level drug offenses and other changes in the future.

People facing criminal charges related to cannabis would still benefit from a thoughtfully prepared drug crimes defense. While the public perception on marijuana may be changing, there are still strict laws in place that can lead to serious penalties for those convicted of various types of drug offenses. A person under investigation or charged with a crime would be prudent to take quick action to protect his or her future interests.