When individuals under the age of 18 face criminal charges, their future and long-term interests are on the line. Even though a minor is not always charged as an adult, it is worthwhile for the defendant to present a strong defense. In some cases, juvenile law allows for minors to face charges as adults, especially in situations involving murder and other grave offenses.

In Texas, a 14-year-old is facing accusations of killing two people, including a pregnant woman. At the time that law enforcement filed capital murder charges against him, he was already incarcerated in a juvenile detention center for charges related to aggravated robbery. Because he is a minor, the state cannot release any other information about his arrest.

The capital murder charges allege that the minor killed a 37-year-old woman and her 19-year-old pregnant daughter. The baby was delivered, but later passed away. It is possible other people are involved with this tragedy, and a motive for the murder is not known. It is not clear why Texas police believe this young man is connected with the incident or what evidence they have against him.

It is possible that the juvenile defendant could be charged as an adult, making it especially important for him to pursue defense counsel as soon as possible. A defense attorney experienced in cases involving juvenile law and serious criminal offenses may be particularly helpful, particularly with so much on the line for the teenager. A complete evaluation of the individual case can help in gaining an understanding of the available defense options.