A number of students from around the El Paso area are facing criminal charges related to vaping THC, which has raised alarm among school district leaders. Possession of marijuana in Texas can result in serious criminal charges, as can possessing any amount of THC concentrates. This has resulted in several young people from the area facing serious juvenile law charges for vaping this illegal substance.

Vaping has become a popular activity for students. While vaping in itself is not illegal, vaping THC is, and many students are likely unaware of the grave legal consequences of this activity. In fact, many school officials say that a majority of the kids facing charges for this reason are good kids, many of whom have never been in trouble before.

Juvenile charges can following a student for years to come. It can affect his or her future opportunities and leave a blight on his or her record. There are groups who are working to educate students about the risks associated with vaping on THC in an effort to slow this trend. In the meantime, the students already facing charges will find it beneficial to start working on a defense strategy.

It is smart for a juvenile offender to take any kind of criminal charge seriously. There is a lot at stake, but one youthful mistake does not have to set the course for a minor’s life. He or she may want to discuss the case with a Texas attorney who has experience in juvenile law cases and can fight diligently to confront the allegations.