A Texas woman is currently behind bars after a lengthy investigation allegedly found that she was involved with drug trafficking. She was taken into custody after police executed a search warrant of her home, and now she is facing charges that include delivery of a controlled substance. This is a felony offense, and she will benefit from developing a strong drug crimes defense strategy as soon as possible.

The investigation into the woman’s supposed activities started when neighbors reported suspicious behavior to the police. Upon execution of the warrant, police found several incriminating things in her home, including crack cocaine, items often used in the distribution of drugs and $700 in cash. She has the right to challenge any part of the investigation and the evidence against her, including the assumptions made about items found in her home.

There are other investigations that are still pending that involve this same woman and her ongoing case. It is not clear what other potential charges could be filed or what other things Texas law enforcement is looking into. Because the current charge against her is a felony, potential penalties will be steep if convicted.

This woman, like others charged with a crime, has the right to prepare a drug crimes defense strategy that allows her to confront these charges and fight for her future freedom. The charges are serious, but a strong defense and the assistance of an experienced defense attorney can be effective. She may benefit from an evaluation of her case so she can learn more about the defense options available to her.