Five people in Texas are facing serious criminal charges after being arrested for various alleged drug-related offenses. The arrests came after an anonymous tip was called into law enforcement about suspicious activity at a Parker County residence. The Parker County Special Crimes Unit went to the home where they say they found evidence connected to the trafficking and distribution of methamphetamine. At this point, five people are facing charges and are likely each focused on preparing a drug crimes defense.

At the time law enforcement was looking at the residence, they observed vehicles outside of the home and occupants inside the home. The police later pulled over one women they believed was connected with the investigation. During the course of her traffic stop, police supposedly found meth and drug paraphernalia in her vehicle, leading to an arrest.

After the arrest of one suspect, police continued looking for other people they believed were connected with that particular residence and suspected drug operation. With the assistance of the Drug Enforcement Agency and FBI, law enforcement expended their investigation and later arrested four other arrests. With these other arrests, authorities report finding drugs, paraphernalia and other evidence of a trafficking and distribution operation.

Possession and trafficking of methamphetamine is a serious criminal offense, and these Texas individuals would be wise to take their need of a strong drug crimes defense seriously. Conviction of these charges could lead to extensive time behind bars. Nevertheless, they are fully protected by the presumption of innocence, and they have the right to confront any evidence offered by the prosecution against them and to present evidence in their own defense.