An indictment from a federal grand jury has two Texas residents facing potentially serious jail time. The charges are against a former deputy constable as well as her husband, both of whom are accused of committing drug crimes and laundering money related to those activities. Since these are not state charges, both individuals should be aware that federal criminal defense often requires a different approach.

The 56-year-old woman was previously employed as a deputy constable, although it is not clear if she lost her position after being arrested or if she had stopped working in law enforcement before this incident. She and her 59-year-old husband were arrested in late Sept. 2019. Both are facing charges for conspiring to possess heroin with intent to distribute. Four counts for attempting to launder proceeds from that alleged activity were also filed.

The potential criminal consequences of these charges are severe. A conviction for the charge of possession with intent to distribute charge could result in anywhere from 10 years to life behind bars. If convicted on just one of any of the money laundering counts, each could spend 20 years in prison. Related fines could also exceed $10 million.

Facing federal charges can be an extremely distressing experience. However, defendants in Texas should not give up hope in these situations. By creating a strong federal criminal defense foundation, defendants can often achieve the most favorable outcomes possible for their unique situations. Since this can be a time-consuming and confusing process, defendants often choose to do so alongside an experienced attorney.