An East Texas man was recently convicted of criminal charges related to trafficking drugs, something that will likely result in years behind bars and other grave penalties. At this point, he has not yet been formally sentenced, but his prison sentence could range from 10 years to life. He and his drug crimes defense team are likely considering his legal options, both with regard to sentencing and other avenues for relief, including an appeal.

A jury found the man guilty of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. He was also convicted of intent to distribute meth and crack cocaine. He was indicted along with several others, and his verdict came after a two-day trial. The defendant was arrested for selling drugs to an informant in 2017, and he was arrested again in 2018 for possession of meth and crack with intent to distribute.

Federal law enforcement has been working extensively in the East Texas area to investigate and prosecute drug operations. Federal-level drug charges bring serious penalties if convicted, specifically those involving trafficking and distribution. Individuals under investigation or facing charges would be wise to start working toward an strong and effective defense strategy.

While a strong drug crimes defense can help a person fight against serious criminal charges, an experienced attorney can still fight for the interests of the defendant. During the sentencing stage, an attorney can pursue lower sentences and reduced penalties. A person has the right pursue the most beneficial outcome to his or her case, from the initial investigation to the final sentencing and even through appellate reviews.