Texas schools are fighting hard against vaping, a popular habit enjoyed by many high school and college-age students. In many high schools in the state, students caught vaping on school grounds face consequences that include expulsion, suspension and even criminal charges. Many of these students would benefit from experienced drug crimes defense assistance.

Some school districts have resorted to punishing students even if they just have a vape pen in their possession. They have changed dress code rules and installed sensors to catch students trying to bring e-cigarettes into school. These seemingly harsh rule changes are in response to the rapid growth in the popularity of vaping and its possible serious implications for users’ health.

Many consider vaping in the younger population a serious public health threat. Some believe that criminal charges and disciplining the offenders is the answer, while others believe that they should receive treatment. Unfortunately, many young students are facing charges that could change the course of their futures simply because they vaped or brought a vape pen on campus. These students have the right to fight back and protect their futures against the implications of a criminal conviction.

Whether it is a misdemeanor offense or a felony charge, a Texas high school student facing criminal allegations would benefit from the counsel of a legal ally experienced in drug crimes defense. There is a lot a stake, but a conviction or guilty plea are not the only options. With help, it is possible to build a defense that allows a person to effectively confront the case against him or her and preserve his or her long-term interests.