One young girl in Texas and two older teenagers are facing serious criminal charges involving capital murder. Authorities arrested the girl and the two 17-year-old boys after an investigation regarding a murder that took place in October. One of the young men was arrested after police obtained a warrant, and the other was already in police custody for unrelated charges. The juvenile was arrested a few days later and charged with capital murder as well. She will undoubtedly turn to an experienced attorney knowledgeable in juvenile law and criminal defense.

The investigation into the three young people started when police got a call regarding a person who appeared to be unconscious in an apartment. When police entered the residence, they found a deceased individual. They believe this person was shot and killed in the commission of a robbery.

It is not immediately clear what factors pointed the police to these three individuals. Law enforcement is currently looking for a fourth person they believe could be involved with the case, also a juvenile. Authorities have not disclosed to the public any information regarding what they think could be the motive for the robbery and murder.

Despite the young ages of the defendants, they will certainly want to take their situation seriously. The juvenile defendant could still face years behind bars, and it is possible the prosecution could attempt to try her as an adult. This is particularly serious in cases involving murder charges in Texas. She is likely focused on learning more about the options available to her according to the state’s juvenile law and how she can fight for her future.