Texas laws against marijuana are strict, but the enforcement of these laws is not always consistent. Texas Highway Patrol has been arresting some caught with marijuana during traffic stops, but there are instances where they let others go for the exact same offense. These inconsistencies are unfair, and they demonstrate the need to have clear standards and practices in place. Those facing even minor marijuana charges after an arrest will find it beneficial to secure experienced drug crimes defense help.

Ever since Texas legalized hemp last year, the Department of Public safety has been struggling to find a consistent way to fairly apply these laws to those caught with hemp or marijuana. The result is that some are unfairly prosecuted while others are let go with a warning. Recently, they have been citing people caught with less than four ounces of marijuana.

There is also significant discrepancy in how marijuana crimes are prosecuted from county to county. For example, one county has let many of these arrested for this type of drug crime go, while another county has been sending them to jail. The prosecution of low-level marijuana crimes has led to an increase in the pressure to legalize the drug in the state.

When a person in Texas is facing prosecution for possession of a small amount of marijuana, he or she could benefit from securing experienced drug crimes defense help. It is worthwhile to fight back against these charges and seek to preserve one’s future interests. As soon as possible after an arrest, a defendant will find it beneficial to seek counsel regarding the specific defense options available.