Both Texas and federal laws take a harsh stance against those caught in possession of an illicit substance. These charges can be particularly serious for individuals caught with a certain amount of drugs, indicating the intent to distribute. Those facing these types of allegations are facing months or decades behind bars, and a strong drug crimes defense is often crucial.

One woman was recently sentenced to 92 months in jail for distribution of drugs. Her sentence came after she pleaded guilty to intent to distribute methamphetamine. She was one of several apparently involved in a conspiracy to distribute. Others involved in the case also pleaded guilty to the charges against them. In some cases, it proves best for a defendant to seek a plea arrangement with a view toward getting reduced charges and/or favorable sentencing consideration in court.

The amount of drugs a person has in his or her possession is one of the determining factors in filing an intent to distribute charge. These charges comes with enhanced penalties, such as longer jail sentences. Every case is different, and whether a defendant should plead guilty or fight the charges at trial depends on various factors unique to the case.

A strong drug crimes defense typically starts by consulting an attorney with extensive experience in defending clients against intent to distribute charges. This case illustrates the potentially lengthy jail sentences associated with this type of crime and why it’s important to have experienced help. After an arrest, a Texas defendant has every right to speak with an experienced defense attorney regarding the best way to pursue the most beneficial outcome possible.