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Strong drug crimes defense important for woman facing charges

Both Texas and federal laws take a harsh stance against those caught in possession of an illicit substance. These charges can be particularly serious for individuals caught with a certain amount of drugs, indicating the intent to distribute. Those facing these types of allegations are facing months or decades behind bars, and a strong drug crimes defense is often crucial.

Drug crimes defense important for those facing marijuana charges

Texas laws against marijuana are strict, but the enforcement of these laws is not always consistent. Texas Highway Patrol has been arresting some caught with marijuana during traffic stops, but there are instances where they let others go for the exact same offense. These inconsistencies are unfair, and they demonstrate the need to have clear standards and practices in place. Those facing even minor marijuana charges after an arrest will find it beneficial to secure experienced drug crimes defense help.  

Drug crimes defense important for students facing felony charges

Texas schools are fighting hard against vaping, a popular habit enjoyed by many high school and college-age students. In many high schools in the state, students caught vaping on school grounds face consequences that include expulsion, suspension and even criminal charges. Many of these students would benefit from experienced drug crimes defense assistance.

Trafficking charges means need for drug crimes defense

An East Texas man was recently convicted of criminal charges related to trafficking drugs, something that will likely result in years behind bars and other grave penalties. At this point, he has not yet been formally sentenced, but his prison sentence could range from 10 years to life. He and his drug crimes defense team are likely considering his legal options, both with regard to sentencing and other avenues for relief, including an appeal. 

Drug crimes defense on tap for 5 Texas defendants

Five people in Texas are facing serious criminal charges after being arrested for various alleged drug-related offenses. The arrests came after an anonymous tip was called into law enforcement about suspicious activity at a Parker County residence. The Parker County Special Crimes Unit went to the home where they say they found evidence connected to the trafficking and distribution of methamphetamine. At this point, five people are facing charges and are likely each focused on preparing a drug crimes defense.

After arrest, Texas man will benefit from drug crimes defense

After law enforcement in Harrison County executed a search warrant, one man was arrested and specific things were seized and taken from his home. Police secured the search warrant after an investigation into this man's activities supposedly pointed to potential criminal activity. As there were a few different types of drugs in his home at the time of his arrest, this Texas man will benefit from working on his drug crimes defense.

Texas woman would benefit from strong drug crimes defense

A Texas woman is currently behind bars after a lengthy investigation allegedly found that she was involved with drug trafficking. She was taken into custody after police executed a search warrant of her home, and now she is facing charges that include delivery of a controlled substance. This is a felony offense, and she will benefit from developing a strong drug crimes defense strategy as soon as possible.

Drug crimes defense strategies may change in Texas

Certain law enforcement agents may not be arresting people any longer for low-level marijuana offenses in Texas. Changing state laws regarding hemp has led to a significant amount of confusion and chaos regarding the prosecution of pot-related charges. As a result, individuals facing drug charges have had to alter their approach to drug crimes defense strategies.

2 teens face weapons, drug charges following Texas investigation

When law enforcement officials and community members suspect that there is a crime happening, the need for answers is understandable. However, for someone to be convicted of a crime, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Two teenagers in Texas are now likely considering their legal options following their recent arrests on weapons and drug charges.

Drug crimes defense: 7 people arrested in Texas drug bust

A 10-month investigation into alleged drug-related activities has resulted in seven arrests, with warrants out for two others, according to investigators in Mills County. Texas police arrested six men and one woman between May 29 and June 5. They are still searching for two other individuals of interest, and have asked the support of the community in tracking these two women down. It is unclear whether any of the arrested individuals have retained counsel, but this will be a necessary part of building a drug crimes defense in their individual cases. 

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